Resinous Flooring


Resinous Flooring Involves Applying A Base Of Resinous Material To Concrete, Non-Porous, Creating A Smooth Flooring Surface. Resinous Flooring Is Cast Or Poured In Place Then Is Treated, Allowing It To Set Completely. These Flooring Systems Can Be Ornate and Are Very Chemical Resistive. 


The Most Common Types Of Resinous Flooring Are Epoxy, Acrylic, And Polyurethane.All Are Two-Part Systems Consisting Of A Resin And A Hardener Material. The Two Parts Are Mixed Prior To Application, And A Chemical Reaction Between Them Causes The Mix To Begin Functioning Instantly. 



For Traffic Applications, Thin Mil Floor Coatings Are High-Performance Floor Products That Proposal Outstanding Abrasion Resistance And Adhesion, Which Makes Them Ideal For Hundreds Of Applications. They’re noted for their Eye-Catching Appearance, Chemical Resistance and Are Easy to Clean. 


For Heavy Traffic Applications, These Systems Could Be Used In Warehouses, Distribution Facilities, Dealership Parts Rooms, And Airplane Hangars Along With Other Moderate Duty Areas. 

These High Build Floor Systems Might Be Used For Floors Which Are Too Demanding For Thin Mil Floor Systems But Not Damaged Enough For The Heavy Duty Resurfacer Or Floors That Need Specialization Coverage. The Floor System Is Put In A Heavy Mil Thickness and Cures to an Extremely Durable Surface. Topcoats Are Optional And Could Be Applied Depending On Floor Utilization Along With Other Special Requirements. 


Heavy-Duty Epoxy Mortar Systems Fix Moderate to Severely Spalled, Pitted Or Otherwise Weathered Concrete Floors. They Supply Skid-Resistant and Incredibly Impact Resistant Surfaces, Demonstrating Compressive Strength and Point-Load Capacity. 


CHEMICAL RESISTANT: Suitable Protective Coatings Might Assist In Preventing Solvents, Acids, Alkalis, Along With Other Compounds From Absorbing Into The Concrete And Seeping Into The Soil Beneath. 

SEAMLESS SURFACE: Provides A Smooth Surface Which Blocks Grime Dirt, And Bacteria From Building Up. Perfect For Facilities Where Hygiene Is A Top Priority. 

SLIP RESISTANT: Back Of Housework And Food And Beverage Processing Areas Require A Floor With Slip Resistance. Anti-Slip and Slip-Resistant Textures Can Be Installed From The Epoxy System 

HEAVILY CUSTOMIZABLE: Coatings Come In A Range Of Colors And Might Be Patterned To Match Your Particular Style. 

ABILITY TO FIT IN TIGHT SPACES: As Compared To Other Floor Systems Resinous Flooring Can Be Poured In Areas Where Equipment Or Manufacturing Lines Can’t Be Moved. 

HARD WEARING: Very Durable Floor System Which May Withstand Considerable Amounts Of Heavy Machinery Traffic. 

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