Polished Concrete
polished concrete flooring

Concrete Polishing: A Cost-effective Update for Worn-Looking Floors

With the economy bouncing back more gradually than expected, it became the norm for Commercial to make do with existing qualities or used apparatus for upgrades on a budget. Several companies doing the same thing and in the right conditions can save thousands of dollars by upgrading conveniences as opposed to remodeling. Concrete was a favorite flooring solution for generations because of its durability. In case your center has a base of concrete, but your floors are looking significantly less than their best, there’s a spending budget-friendly solution. Concrete polishing is becoming an increasingly popular technique. 

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete Polishing is a procedure which removes the top layer of concrete substance to make a surface that is smooth. It entails removing any coatings, like paint or epoxy, then trimming down the concrete with standard or diamond abrasives in increasingly fine sand. The finished result is a floor that’s uniform in color and texture, in addition to being hardy and attractive. This course of action is appropriate for concrete floors, with the exception of the ones that have large cracks. When the cracks have been repaired, the patches will be evident when polished. 

How Can Engineered Concrete Be Customized?

Concrete polishing alone is appealing that unfinished concrete since it generates an even appearance. It may be completed in varying degrees, leaving the result that a matte or tone. Polished concrete may also have additional processes done to compliment it. It might be stained or dyed in any color, sealed with clear epoxy coating or completed with a coat which has aggregate added. Based on the initial composition of the concrete floor, it might be polished down to a level where embedded stones are visible on the surface. This creates a terrazzo look in a fraction of the cost. 

How Much Does Concrete Polishing Price? 

The particular cost of a Polished Concrete Floor project will depend mainly on the size of the room that’s being upgraded and any fixed obstacles or damaged section. 

When compared with other kinds of flooring materials, concrete are among the least costly. Generally, concrete polishing prices roughly 50% of the speed for installing tile along with a quarter of marble or other luxury masonry. In the long term, concrete polishing can incur considerably fewer additional charges, as it’s got a long life span and needs upkeep. 

What’s The Timetable For Concrete Polishing?

Among the key advantages of concrete polishing is the simple fact it may be completed. There’s no curing or drying time, therefore floors can be walked on right away unless additional coatings have been added. SWALWELL INDUSTRIAL FLOOR EXPERTS Coatings uses proprietary equipment to move the project along quickly. The constant operation machinery not only works but is equipped with a vacuum system which reduces dust. Whether you’ve a timetable requirement that’ll be taken into account when scheduling your project

When you’re prepared to talk with a pro about your following Concrete floor project, talk to the team at SEALWELL INDUSTRIAL FLOOR EXPERTS. We’ve many years’ decades of knowledge and also have installed or updated over a million square feet of concrete floors. A combination of proprietary equipment, experience, and commitment to a job well done make ours the support you can trust. To get started, complete the Got a Job type with a few basic details about your project. 

Concrete Flooring Service Area

SEALWELL INDUSTRIAL FLOOR EXPERTS provides concrete solutions to the entire northeast. Here’s a small collection of towns where we’ve finished many commercial and industrial concrete floor applications.

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