Polished Concrete
polished concrete flooring

Concrete Polishing: A Cost-effective Update for Worn-Looking Floors

With the economy bouncing back more gradually than expected, it became the norm for Commercial to make do with existing qualities or used apparatus for upgrades on a budget. Several companies doing the same thing and in the right conditions can save thousands of dollars by upgrading conveniences as opposed to remodeling. Concrete was a… Continue reading Concrete Polishing: A Cost-effective Update for Worn-Looking Floors

Resinous Flooring


Resinous Flooring Involves Applying A Base Of Resinous Material To Concrete, Non-Porous, Creating A Smooth Flooring Surface. Resinous Flooring Is Cast Or Poured In Place Then Is Treated, Allowing It To Set Completely. These Flooring Systems Can Be Ornate and Are Very Chemical Resistive.  Three MATERIALS OF RESINOUS FLOORING The Most Common Types Of Resinous Flooring Are Epoxy, Acrylic,… Continue reading RESINOUS FLOORING

Epoxy Floor
Commercial Flooring


It could be difficult to find a flooring solution that fits all your needs with regards to high-demand applications like a warehouse, factory, or even hospital. Where epoxy flooring comes in.  Epoxy resin flooring is a durable and versatile solution which may be used in industrial centers, commercial properties, and your home. It may resist… Continue reading WHY USE EPOXY FLOOR COATINGS?