resinous flooring
Resinous Flooring

How Slip-Resistant is a Resin Floor?

Slip resistance parameters are one of the most important things to consider while we start the flooring operation. Commercial flooring contractors give special notice to slip resistance as they understand how important it is to maintain the right level of resistance for a different setting.  Slip resistance is important for the safety of people and… Continue reading How Slip-Resistant is a Resin Floor?

Resinous Flooring
Resin Flooring, Resinous Flooring

Everything You Need to Know About Resinous Flooring

What are resins and what are resin flooring? Are they different from other flooring types? These are some of the most important questions you may have in mind when looking into getting a new office. To get the answers to these questions, you are advised to read this article. It will give you all the… Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Resinous Flooring

Epoxy Resinous Flooring
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Why Choose Epoxy System Resins Instead of Other Materials?

What exactly is Epoxy?  A key aspect of epoxy covering is that it's chemically quite different from regular commercial floor paints. Resinous flooring is made up of a two-part epoxy resin - a hardener component and a polymer resin. These two parts are combined with additives which can add hardness, gloss, color, tackiness, and many… Continue reading Why Choose Epoxy System Resins Instead of Other Materials?

Resinous Flooring

Resinous Flooring | Commercial Industrial Floor Strength & Safety

Make Your Commercial Flooring Stylish During Being Durable The flooring in your commercial place gives significantly to the industrial place atmosphere. The Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts has installed lots of resinous flooring solutions for industrial or commercial spaces over our 30+ years in this field. In resinous flooring, you can choose a broad range of… Continue reading Resinous Flooring | Commercial Industrial Floor Strength & Safety

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The Benefits of Resin Flooring

Flooring is an integral part of interior design. In a mill setup where flooring is subject to a lot of wear and tear, option of the right flooring is essential, as it is part of the first investment and is frequently spread out across a large region. Probably the most frequently used flooring choice for… Continue reading The Benefits of Resin Flooring

Resinous Flooring


Resinous Flooring Involves Applying A Base Of Resinous Material To Concrete, Non-Porous, Creating A Smooth Flooring Surface. Resinous Flooring Is Cast Or Poured In Place Then Is Treated, Allowing It To Set Completely. These Flooring Systems Can Be Ornate and Are Very Chemical Resistive.  Three MATERIALS OF RESINOUS FLOORING The Most Common Types Of Resinous Flooring Are Epoxy, Acrylic,… Continue reading RESINOUS FLOORING