resinous flooring
Resinous Flooring

How Slip-Resistant is a Resin Floor?

Slip resistance parameters are one of the most important things to consider while we start the flooring operation. Commercial flooring contractors give special notice to slip resistance as they understand how important it is to maintain the right level of resistance for a different setting.  Slip resistance is important for the safety of people and… Continue reading How Slip-Resistant is a Resin Floor?

Industrial Concrete

Industrial Concrete Has Become a Trendy Decor Element

Industrial concrete has become popular in the last few years. People are very excited to get those modern looks of industrialized texture and they don’t even have to look at things like industrial banisters or metal trims and light fixtures. It is often considered that if something has become popular the prices of it would… Continue reading Industrial Concrete Has Become a Trendy Decor Element

Epoxy Flooring

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring For Retail Spaces

The trend of opening retail businesses is increasing in every city and street in the United States. Hence, it enables retailers to sell goods and services to the local customers and maximizes the profit of the investment. Due to the increasing demand for retail spaces, many property dealers are developing keen to improve the structure… Continue reading Benefits of Epoxy Flooring For Retail Spaces

Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring Considerations in Georgia

There are a lot of wonderful options available in the market when someone plans for the flooring. Designer flooring options that also have high durability are now the new trends in the market. Whether it’s a family home, flooring of a proper residential home, or commercial space flooring, there are different considerations for each one… Continue reading Commercial Flooring Considerations in Georgia