Industrial Concrete

Industrial Concrete Has Become a Trendy Decor Element

Industrial concrete has become popular in the last few years. People are very excited to get those modern looks of industrialized texture and they don’t even have to look at things like industrial banisters or metal trims and light fixtures. It is often considered that if something has become popular the prices of it would soar but that is not the case with industrial concrete. Everyone is aware of the fact that how expensive can interior design of a space cost but concrete has shown a good prospect of persisting constant with its prices. The industrial aesthetic provided by the concrete is what people love about it the most. Moreover, the amount of strength this seamless flooring provides has made them one of the best alternates in the market. The sudden increase in their demand proves how much satisfaction they are providing to the customer who decides to give them a place to look their property beautiful. Let us go a bit deep and understand all ways can industrial concrete be used in our homes to make them look more beautiful and luxurious, providing the same kind of vibes which they give when used in large industrial settings.

Concrete Accent Walls

The use of concrete for your accent walls is a wonderful idea that catches a lot of attention from people. If you have decided for your accent walls to be made of industrial concrete, you will have a great feeling from within even after seeing it every day. Being fancy and good-looking is one thing but being durable on the other hand is equally important. So apart from providing a sense of industrial charm from these concrete accent walls, they are also very good in terms of durability. Easy to clean is another important aspect that has to be looked after closely because in today’s fast and furious life, easy to clean products are termed divine and are very popular. Luckily these concrete accent walls are very easy to clean which is taken as an added advantage against its counterparts. Don’t even think of considering them colorless. A wide variety of grays are offered to choose from and you could select the texture you love and it will be installed exactly how you imagined it to be. To look for the best contractors who can make it done, one can simply search industrial flooring contractors near me in Georgia and you will get tons of options to choose from. We at Sealwell inc. are one of the best options and we would be more than happy to help you with your accent walls and an overall industrial concrete makeover at your place.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Flooring has been a much-talked subject for the last few years especially since the entry of seamless flooring as an alternative to typical conventional flooring.  There is no denying the fact that floors bring the overall beauty to the house and therefore they are considered a very vital element among overall furnishing. Polished concrete flooring has come up as a great alternative due to its everlasting strength and luxurious appeal. They look glamorous in appearance and thus put the missing stars in the overall beauty of the house. Be certain that next time when you invite guests to your house they will be speechless after seeing the sublime classy look of the floors. Concrete Polishing is also very easy which makes it a good choice when considering the maintenance aspect. So it will be a win-win situation if you opt for the concrete flooring. By providing you with the ultra-durable finish and with a claimed ability to last for a lifetime, what could be a better alternative at such an affordable price?

Concrete Counter-tops

Countertops are one of the most used surfaces at any place where they are present, whether it’s your kitchen, drawing room, or office. The social media trends often show very sophisticated and beautiful counter-tops which can sync beautifully with the lush furniture. Wooden tops are now the things of the past and we are here to talk about the trendiest option available. Therefore we can’t forget to mention the allegiance of concrete counter-tops. Using granite of marble chunks to give it a superior finish and even using led lights for a lush finish will make it look perfect and adorable. They are very popular options these days but we look at both the positive and negative aspects of it. These concrete counter-tops at one end could be very long-lasting and a perfect option to keep heavy stuff but are very much prone to face untimely cracks too. A good thing about them comes with the fact that the scratches over them end up giving them a very aesthetic and beautiful look.  On other hand, they are very susceptible to color stains and more importantly they are very expensive. On average they cost almost 100 dollars per sqft. All the factors are out so now you have to decide what matters most for you.  Look at the pros and cons of it and then come up with a decision on what’s best for you.

Sealed Concrete Patios

What more similar to the industrial setting than the sealed concrete patios. They would give you a very similar aesthetic and the budget price that you will have to spend for it will make the deal even more exciting. The concrete patios trend has come up very strong in the last few years and to get it done perfectly you should look to take help from an experienced flooring contractor. Let us discuss a few pros and cons of patios.


1. Sealing will easily enhance the concrete’s color and make its natural color amplified accordingly.

2.A great factor of concrete patios is that they act as resistant to stains.

3.They are also waterproof so you will not have to worry about the rains fading to their classy finish.


1.They can sometimes be toxic due to the chemicals and can often be very smelly.

2.They do require a good amount of maintenance to increase their life.

3.Sealers are bound to fade in less than a couple of years and would ask for the replacements.

We at Sealwell Inc promise you to increase the charm and beauty of your space by these great options of using industrial concrete at various locations of your space. All you have to do is to believe in us and we assure you on our part that we will meet your expectations without any issue.

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