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Floor Coatings for Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries

The breweries, distilleries, and wineries have to follow certain sanitary standards which are USDA compliant. But these working places often suffer with frequent stains and spills every day. The manufacturing unit generally requires very easy-to-clean surfaces which are also pretty durable. These brewery flooring also faces a lot of footfall as well as the movement of heavy machinery which requires the floors to be super tough along with maintaining hygiene all day.

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The flooring in a winery or distillery needs to be attractive to create positive vibes for the employees and should be tough enough to sustain any sort of acid chemicals which are often used in such units for different purposes.

What to Consider For Winery and Brewery Flooring

There are a few important things to consider for winery and brewery flooring. It is important that the flooring of the facility should be slip resistant to protect the workers from tipping over. It should also be able to resist damage from the heavy movement of the machinery and corrosive chemicals. Easy to clean flooring always remain at the top of the list as businesses have more important things to do than having to spend a lot of time on cleanliness.

Thermal Cycling

It is an important process used in breweries where steam and boiling water are used for process brewing. Only the resinous flooring will be able to give protection to the floor where this process is frequently used. Therefore breweries using this method should opt for this flooring instead of using any other alternates.

Special Flooring Formulations for Breweries

Sealwell industrial floor experts usually prefer urethane concrete for places in breweries that face extreme conditions continuously. There are certain places like the bottling area which face extreme conditions permanently and therefore need resinous flooring. There are many other benefits of using these floors which include-

  • They provide resistance from thermal shocks
  • They have immense strength which keeps them in perfect conditions for a long time
  • They are slip resistance which is pretty essential in such places
  • They have wonderful tolerance to high temperatures.
  • These floors are wonderful against the toughest chemicals.
  • The flow of Heavy equipment and machines is pretty easy on these floors.

Resinous Flooring System for Wineries

Wineries require maintaining a very specific condition inside their units to bring perfection in their process of bottling and maintaining a fluent process. There are many different areas within a manufacturing unit which consists of a barrel area, storage unit, fermenting unit, and other production places which should all be resistant to any spill or stains as well as resistant to chemicals and acids. Sealwell industrial floor expert suggests a very particular floor coating for wineries which has many benefits-

  • They have great resistance to chemicals and acid
  • They are also highly resistant to stain
  • They fulfill the sanitization compliance of the USDA.
  • There are odor options to choose from.

If you wish to have high-quality brewery flooring then contact us. We at Sealwell industrial floor experts and our team will do everything to help you find the best flooring.

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