Maintenance and Long-Term Performance for Commercial Kitchen Flooring

The flooring of a commercial kitchen set-up is one of the most essential elements to look after because a lot of important aspects are closely related to it. A commercial kitchen faces a lot of workloads every day. Thus it needs a floor that not only remains clean and hygienic for a long amount of time but also remains in shape after facing such heavy footfall daily. The presence of dairy and food products always risks contamination due to an unhygienic atmosphere. So cleanliness is an important factor for commercial kitchen flooring. So when we discuss the prime factor which breaks down the kitchen flooring system, it is because of the continuous exposure to oil and greasy substances. Also, the constant use of harsh chemicals on the floors to wipe out the dirt adversely affects the typical kitchen floorings. So the very first step towards preventing the floors from getting harmed, we must identify the root cause behind the arising issues. Once we can identify what all things are happening wrong within the kitchen which is damaging the floor, we can straightaway plan to counter to make sure that we can maintain the floors from deteriorating. Let us closely look at the challenges faced by kitchen floors and how should we maintain them.

Grease and oils

If we talk about the most common issue faced by commercial kitchens all around the globe, it would be none other than the presence of grease and oil. They are also very important for different cooking purposes but also pose many challenges along. Chances of these oils getting spilled remain high. Even during the cooking, a lot of oil and grease is released and gets stuck in nearby surroundings including the kitchen floors. So if they do not remain in constant check and are left unnoticed for a long duration of time, they start posing some serious challenges and also turn out to be very damaging to the kitchen flooring. The kitchen team has to be very quick in keeping such spills in constant check and prevent them from being at a surface for a long duration of time. Deep cleaning of the kitchen on a routine basis is very important from the maintenance point of view. A dedicated team should be super active for such purposes and a time to time swipe cleaning would truly help to fulfill the motive.

Harsh chemicals

There is a lot of presence of harsh chemicals in a commercial kitchen set-up these days. The market is flooded with such cleaning products which contain strong chemicals for deep cleaning. The food stains are often very strong and it does need one such strong chemical product which can quickly counter and deep clean the surface. But the problem it creates is for the kitchen flooring which often gets damaged in the process due to such strong chemicals. So if there is a presence of flooring system which is resistant to such chemicals and solvents then it will be a win-win situation. The seamless flooring has changed the dynamics of the commercial kitchen floors and now the owners could easily rely on these floors which are resistant to these strong chemicals.

Enzymatic cleaners

Multiple methods are considered and bought into use by the kitchen cleaners to make sure that they are at par with the hygiene requirements. A very common method these days is the use of enzymatic no-rinse cleaners which have become popular. They are given such a design which ensures to consume the grease and deep clean the floors followed by minimum scrubbing. But after the heavy usage, the owners notice the condition of the deteriorating tiles and floors during a quick session of its use. The problem lies with this product is the presence of oleic acid. They can create some very serious bacterial contamination which could be very hazardous for the health of the workers and the food being processed in the area. Limiting the use of this product in commercial kitchen flooring is the only right way.

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Original Source: https://bit.ly/37pZY0L

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