Stained Concrete Floors

Types of Stained Concrete Floors

While picking a flooring choice for your commercial space, you are faced with a wide range of choices. Fall under on what kind of look you are going for, you can discover one that will fit your strength needs as well as your aesthetic needs. Stained concrete floors are a great alternative because there are a few distinctive color choices to look over, which implies that whatever stylish you are attempting to match, you can discover a color that works. So, what do you have to think about stained concrete floors before making your decision?

Stain concrete flooring

What’s a Stain? 

Contrary to prevalent belief, a stain isn’t the same as to paint. At the point when you paint concrete floors, the color gets added distinctly to the surface. Chipping and staining happen quicker when there is just a layer of paint added. A stain gets consumed by the concrete pores. These custom concrete coatings make the shading fade-resistant and the shading to stay permanent. 

The Type of stains

Probably the greatest advantage about staining concrete floors is the color choices. The alternatives for jazzing up your floors got a ton bigger with custom concrete coatings. There are two various types of stains for concrete floors: water-based and acid-based stains.

Water-based stains 

If you are searching for a more extensive and more dramatic color spectrum for the floors, a water-based stain is a superior alternative. This kind of stain considers blending colors. The color prospects are endless!  
Water-based stains shading the concrete with colors, not synthetic substances like acid-based. Water, shades, and fastener are the three key fixings. The transporter is the water that permits the materials to stream and spread out on a surface. Pigments add color and measurement to the floor. What sticks everything together and secures it in a binder that is normally an acrylic polymer. 

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Acid-Based Stains 

Would you like to give your floors a decorative, however, keep it subtle? An acid-based stain can do precisely that! Acid-based stains have a more restricted color range than water-based stains. Rich natural tones, for example, browns, tans, and delicate blue-greens are what this stain can offer.
Acid-based stains are synthetically created, not at all like water-based stains. The three key ingredients in this cycle are water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salts. Acid-based stains enter the concrete and make a chemical response with the hydrated lime. 
When the stain responds with the other three segments, it gets perpetual and it won’t break off or strip.

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Resource Article: Types of Stained Concrete Floors

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