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Chemical Resistant Floor, Wall & Lining System | Sealwell Inc.

There are various reasons why individuals would want epoxy flooring as compared with another floor coating. This kind of coating has characteristics that aren't found on other materials. It's an unchangeable physical, technical and chemical speciality. A characteristic of this kind of coating is that it's impact resistant. In fact, this is utilized in areas… Continue reading Chemical Resistant Floor, Wall & Lining System | Sealwell Inc.

Chemical & Resistant Floor, commercial epoxy

Chemical & Resistant Epoxy Flooring & Coatings

Epoxy flooring is made by layering vinyl resin across the floor. It is a reasonable way to turn debatable or plain looking concrete floor slabs into a pleasing surface. Decorative epoxy coatings offer a distinctive look which makes it desirable for residential and commercial applications. They can be found in a broad range of colors… Continue reading Chemical & Resistant Epoxy Flooring & Coatings