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Five Guidelines for Well Maintaining Your Epoxy Floors

If you have got a beautiful and durable epoxy floor at home or your office and you have got concerns about its maintenance then we got you covered in the same regard. A routine process of maintenance can certainly help in expanding the life of the epoxy floor which is in it a pretty durable product and just need a pinch of regular maintenance to remain in perfect shape. Though, following the correct maintenance process is very important to get the desired results.

Let us dig into some of the important reasons why your epoxy needs special care:


A lot of places in the industrial floor units or residential setups demand a decorative flooring system with wonderful aesthetics. Epoxy floor delivers this demand with its wide range of choices that one could make and treat themselves with magnificent flooring which also happens to be incredibly durable. Appearance matters a lot for some companies at their retail outlets or in their other commercial spaces as a major part of their brand building.

Safety and Performance

One of the most important aspects of a flooring system should be its capabilities in terms of safety and performance. Concerns like the slip resistance parameters along with static control and water resistance are some of the important points that should be considered while you look for maintenance.

Durability and Life

Though epoxy floors tend to last for a very long time it also depends on the maintenance measures that are taken at the right time which helps in maintaining the expected durability and life term of these floors. Following a few very basic and pretty cost-effective measures on a timely basis could help you last your floors longer and save you from those hefty costs which would have been spent otherwise on refurbishing the deteriorating condition of the floor.

Tips for Maintaining Epoxy Flooring

· Sweep The Floors Daily

There are a lot of mechanized brooms with pretty soft bristles available in the market which helps a lot in the daily sweeping of the floors. A singly round of sweeping regularly not only helps to keep the floors with a fresh face but also helps in clearing out any hazard or dirt from settling down on the floor for a long time and deteriorating its quality.

· Wash Your Floors Weekly

Apart from sweeping the floor daily, it is also very important to mop your floors at least once a week. In case of high traffic on your floors every day, shortening the period of mopping to alternate days could also be a good idea.

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· Clean Spills Immediately

A Very common sight mostly in large food manufacturing commercial spaces is the regular cases of spills that need to be dealt with smartly. Leaving these spills untreated for a long time might affect your floor and in the case of acidic or hard solvent spills, the results might be worse. So immediate cleaning becomes essential in such cases.

· Keep Sharp Objects Away

Getting scratches on these magnificent floors disrupt the look of the floor and make the condition worse with time. Therefore it is always advised to keep away from any blunt objects that could damage the texture of the floor and thereby avoiding any unwanted misshaping. Keeping it clean from dirt and debris also serves the cause to keep the floor safe from scratches.

Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts provide one of the best epoxy floors in FL and our team would be happy to help you understand the importance of the right maintenance of these incredible floors.

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