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Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings and Their Applications

Epoxy flooring and coating have become an industry trend over the last couple of decades. Thanks to its several advantages and competitive cost, it has quickly become one of the sought-after products in the market.  a variety of epoxy coating options exist in the market which are used for flooring. Some of them include mortar coating, self-leveling coating, graveled coating, terrazzo coating, and anti static coating. Each of these coatings has got its own set of advantages and disadvantages and people must choose according to their needs demand.

Epoxy Flooring FL

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Epoxy Coating Options for Your Flooring

  • Self-Dispersing Coating Floor Epoxy

The self-dispersing coating on epoxy floors is popular in places where the movement of heavy traffic and machinery is regular and frequent. Given the fact that these epoxy floors have got great mechanical strength, they are easily able to accommodate heavy traffic continuously without any wear and tear for a long period.

  • Self-Leveling Coating Floor Epoxy

A very popular product, self-leveling coating epoxy floors are highly used in places like the kitchen, office buildings, dining rooms, warehouses, or storage facilities. The fact that this coating is easy to install even on old or new concrete makes it a very handy flooring option.

  • Mortar Coating Floor Epoxy

One of the strongest epoxy floors available in the market is the mortar coating epoxy flooring. It is a very popular product and is highly preferable for the heavy industrial market. They are also often used to repair cracks on existing epoxy floors.

  • Gravel Coating Epoxy Floor

This is one of the fanciest options in the world of epoxy floors. They are highly used as a decorative option. A lot of decorative details can be displayed on such flooring options.

  • Terrazzo Coating Floor Epoxy

If you want a flooring option for a typical commercial setup, terrazzo coating stands as a front runner option. They are not only very decorative but also very easy to clean products. Commercial spaces prefer such options which are easy to clean.

  • Antistatic Coating Floor Epoxy

If you are looking for a flooring option mainly for a place with a high presence of electronic components then anti static coating floors are probably a great option. The floor will help to create a static-free atmosphere which is very essential for such areas. They are highly preferred options for laboratories, hospitals, and manufacturing units.

  • Vapor Barrier Coating Floor Epoxy

This type of coating floor is mainly used over the top of a concrete floor to ensure that vapor transmission is minimized to zero. They are normally included just before the final surface of the floor is to be added.

  • Flaked Coating Floor Epoxy

It is more like a process than an epoxy flooring itself. The process is used to add a decorative touch to the floors.

We at Sealwell INC provide one of the best solutions for epoxy flooring in FL. We would be happy to help with any similar project and give you perfect flooring.

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