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Creating Beautiful Stained Concrete from Start to Finish

There is a lot of planning and effort that goes into deciding and creating the beautiful stained concrete. They have exploded in the current construction market because of their toughness and high durability. There is no doubt that if someone is looking for a stunning and astonishing flooring solution that it has got to be concrete. The current residential or even commercial projects focus a lot on different architectural styles and these projects, therefore, need some simple and elegant looks for the flooring. Concrete is such projects sits near perfect and this is the reason they are now highly preferred. Concrete also comes with a lot of stain concrete flooring choices which therefore opens an option for the people to select according to their style and which suits best for the project. We at Sealwell INC work on a lot of projects related to stain concrete flooring in FL, so if you are looking for the right contractor we are all set to satisfy needs and showcase our fancy work.

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If you are already planning for any such project, we will here discuss each step from first to last to make you understand the whole process:

We Begin With Floor Preparation

The first step involves the preparation of the floor where the main focus is to clear out any adhesive or glue that stayed due to vinyl flooring or the presence of carpet. Now we closely inspect the surface for any sort of cracks, bubbles, or any type of flaws that pertains to the floor. We will work to fix all such issues and we will use the wet grind method for the integration of diamond abrasives. Following all these processes will create a very smooth and shining floor surface. The main of the process is to ensure that there is a good reduction in the release of silica dust which is pretty harmful when inhaled. Moreover, the working space looks tidy and clean.

We Will Apply the Stain or Dye

The next important step in the project is to gracefully apply the stain or floor dye that has been chosen for the project. It is also an art to choose the right staining product because that will very much determine the outcome of the whole project. There are stains like the faux fusion which happens to be a semi-transparent stain and looks stunning on a concrete surface. Therefore good research goes into choosing the right material to achieve the desired result.

We Will Seal the Concrete Surface

Now the last and an important step of our project include the sealing of the surface. It is very important to make sure that the stain has completely dried before commencing our sealing process. The sealing process will ensure that the surface becomes resistant to any sort of moisture or debris.

We at Sealwell INC are one of the best contractors with a lot of experience in stain concrete flooring GA and concrete polishing GA, we would love to help you on your next project and ensure the desired result.

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