Epoxy VS Urethane Floor Coatings – Which one do you need?

Different places required different flooring solutions according to the needs and requirements. In highly regulated and sophisticated industries like Pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing, the floors with resin coating concrete are the best alternative. The main requirement of a food manufacturing unit would be to get a floor that is easy to clean and super durable. So when a coating of urethane or epoxy is applied on the concrete floor, it not only makes it super durable enhancing the capability of dealing with high traffic daily but also makes it super easy to clean. A simple search about industrial flooring contractors near me and you will get tons of options to choose from and acquire knowledge from. Let us further understand the 2 prominently used flooring options- the epoxy and urethane and what flooring will suit you better.

Epoxy floor coating

There is 3 different formulation of an epoxy coating which includes water-based, solvent, or fully solid solutions. Epoxy has got a wonderful quality of binding itself tightly with the concrete which results in very solid and durable floors. The excellent resistant properties of epoxy against chemical stains and moisture make it a very popular option. The only drawback is its long installation time in comparison to other materials.

Urethane floor coatings

Primarily termed as one of the best performing commercial coatings, urethane has been performing as a top material for flooring purposes. It is much more resistant to sunlight and abrasion and does not change color over time like many other materials. They keep their natural shine intact for a long time which makes people attracted to this material. Another important aspect of urethane is the fact that its installation time is much lower in comparison to the epoxy. When we consider the drawbacks of urethane cement flooring, it mainly includes the fact that the binding of urethane to concrete is not as strong as that of epoxy. The surface film of the urethane is slim as well.

Epoxy coating vs. urethane coatings- which is best for your business flooring

Floor coating pricing

Both urethane and epoxy have got pretty affordable pricing. The quality and convenience they provide are incomparable, though epoxy is slightly lower in price in comparison to urethane. But the difference is not that huge which ends up affecting the decision-making.

Epoxy vs. urethane coating strength

Both epoxy and urethane are pretty strong but both in their way. When we consider epoxy, the physicality of the material is highly durable and strong and can easily bear heavy traffic passing over it constantly. Urethane on the other hand is very strong against falling objects and highly resistant to chemicals and sunlight.

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Floor coating installation time

 Both the material takes some time to settle down and it initially needs a good preparation of the concrete floor before the material is applied. Urethane requires at least 3 days of properly settling and drying while the epoxy would take at least 3 days with the same process. it is also important to take note that epoxy is very sensitive to moisture and a little bit of it would slow down the process by a good margin.

Chemical resistance of epoxy vs urethane flooring

If you are working at such a place where chemical spills remain a major concern then epoxy flooring in such a case would be the best option. Epoxy coating when mixed with a particular type of chemical gives it an undeniable resistance against any such spills. Urethane on the other hand would suffer serious damages in such a case.

Flooring cleanliness and microbial resistance

These seamless edge-to-edge floors are a wonderful alternative against any kind of cleanliness or microbial concerns. They are super easy to clean which makes them a perfect choice for places facing heavy traffic daily.

Ultraviolet resistance

There is no winner other than urethane against UV rays. They remain unaffected by the strong lights while epoxy quickly starts fading and losing its color. High temperature also gives a heavy toll on the epoxy surface.

We at Sealwell Inc have got some of the best epoxy flooring contractors and also have great experience in dealing with urethane cement flooring. We would love to help you choose the right material for your place and our team would set and loaded to help commence and finish the work as soon as possible.

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