Cementitious Urethane Floor Systems: The Best Option for Food Service Industries

The food service industry needs very protective floors. It is not only because of the volume of people working at one place but the extent of work, machinery, and food being shifted from one place to another. There are many other aspects like easy to clean floors which remain important aspects for the floors in the food service industry. The high chances of bacteria’s making their homes due to the high presence of perishable food make it important that the floors are constantly cleaned to ensure that a high level of hygiene is maintained inside the main areas.  Before jumping any further let us understand what exactly the cementitious urethane floor is and how urethane cement flooring is one of the best options for the food service industry.

What is cementitious urethane and how does it work?

The Cementitious urethane which is also popularly known as the urethane mortar or urethane concrete is prominently used as an alternate to the quarry tiles. These days they are very popular and are prominently used in commercial kitchen flooring. The urethane mortar is mostly based on water and cement with some added antimicrobial additives which are very helpful in killing the bacteria in any corner. And when we are talking about its ability to kill bacteria, what better place will it work the best than in the kitchen. The food service areas are a busy place and have to face a lot of rush daily. The presence of perishable food makes things inside the space a lot trickier. It can be considered a very safe haven for bacteria to grow and flourish. So the presence of urethane mortar for commercial kitchen flooring is a safe bet.

The urethane mortar is not only effective against bacteria but is very reliable and durable floors which won’t need a quick fix for a long period. They are also chemical and heat resistant which makes gives them dual insurance of long-term sustainability. They are very eco-friendly and won’t even show any signs of cracks for a long period.

Fast return to service

A very important aspect of the floors is how quickly they can cure and get back to being used in very less time. This is important because the businesses can’t remain close for such a pity reason. Thankfully cementitious urethane floors are the quickly curable product. One would be surprised to hear that their cure time is much lesser than the epoxy floor systems as well.

Heat resistance

The food service units are known to use very hot water for cleaning. The high temperature ensures the killing of bacteria, so it remains a preferable way. Epoxy flooring system in such a place won’t stand a chance. The Cementitious urethane being heat and steam resistant stands out to be the perfect choice for such places. The urethane cement flooring has also got the property to expand or contract according to the requirement with the concrete. The fact that they don’t show any signs of crack for years and are helpful against preventing the bacteria probably makes them one of the best choices in the market currently.

Eco friendly

The modern world is getting very conscious about the environment as today’s youth do not want to hamper nature with their choices. This makes cementitious urethane a perfect alternative as the product is mainly based on plant-based oils while largely avoiding any sort of chemicals.

We at Sealwell Inc are one of the most experienced companies working in urethane cement flooring. We have completed several projects of this flooring which gave us enough experience to handle the upcoming projects with super ease. We would be glad to help you with your next commercial kitchen flooring project.

Original Source: https://bit.ly/3i0pLyz

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