Hygienic Resin Flooring for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens are one of the most vulnerable places when we talk about hygiene. A lot of perishable food has to be dealt with daily and a lot of liquid products which is more likely to fall and create a mess on the floors. Now, these are the perfect conditions for various types of bacteria to find a space and spread.  This is the reason in particular why the kitchen remains the most vulnerable place from where disease could spread very quickly. The commercial kitchen flooring in such a case becomes a really important thing. They are super easy to clean and very durable, which makes them the most popular product at the current time. The fact that these floors are flat and seamless makes them resistant to dirt or makes it hard for dirt to accumulate at a place. The kitchen resin flooring is also tough against liquid and stays pretty strong for a long period.

The commercial kitchen flooring has to be completed pretty fast because obviously, they can’t remain close for a long period. This is where resin flooring settles the best as they would take much less time to settle down, appear cured, and are ready for use. We at Sealwell inc. also understand these concerns and make sure that the work is completed perfectly and well within the time frame. We also usually make sure that we discuss every detail with the owner and strictly follow those conditions while working which add to our work ethics.

Let us further understand all the positive qualities which make commercial kitchen resin floors the best option in the current market.

Free from bad odors

We use a very distinctive antimicrobial solution which not only helps in the degradation of the bacteria but also helps in the extinction of the bad odor which otherwise keeps capturing the whole kitchen consistently. There is no more accumulation of dirt which duly ensures that the floor remains hygienic.


 A typical commercial kitchen floor has to face too many feet daily. There is a presence of a lot of workers and staff working there every day. So commercial kitchen flooring has to be slip-resistant to ensure the safety of each worker. The resin flooring ensures that the floor remains slip-resistant and even a liquid or a greasy substance falls on the ground, the floor remains slip resistant to a good extent. These features make the resin floors one of the top choices.

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The resins floors are also extremely durable. Once perfectly laid they won’t crack or peel even after facing a lot of footfall every day. They remain in perfect shape and maintain their glow for a long period. The resin floor would also have qualities of being chemical resistant which make them undefeatable against acid, grease, or hard detergents. The easy to clean factor also plays an important role and thus makes them a perfect choice for commercial kitchen flooring.

Good looks

The durability and safety of the floors are the prime factors to consider when you are planning for kitchen flooring but looks do matter as well. It is often said that a nice looking place for work increases efficiency. So a good-looking floor does the trick even if it’s a kitchen floor. You have various color and texture options available with the resin flooring to choose from. You can match them with the furniture of the kitchen and enhance the overall looks of the place.

We at Sealwell Inc. are dealing in commercial kitchen flooring for a long time. We are very experienced and would love to suggest you and help you get things done on your next kitchen flooring project.

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