Concrete Polishing

7 Common Grinding and Polishing Mistakes You Could Be Making

The work related to concrete polishing and preparation of the surface is often termed as a very competitive industry and needs maintenance of good quality level to get the project completed. Let us discuss and understand 7 mistakes that are commonly made during the process.

1) Not Properly Managing Customer Expectations

Most people don’t understand the importance of matching the expectation of the customer. It’s important to understand the vision of the customer and how he feels the floors should be looking once completed. Managing the customer expectation in such a case becomes important as the contractor has to explain how reasonable it is to expect a particular outcome.

2) Select The Incorrect Bond For The Concrete You Are Working With.

If one has understood how the metal bond diamond tooling will work, one can simply use the general rule of thumb for selecting the right tool for your job to be completed in the right way. The rule of thumb states that soft concrete would require a hard bond diamond while in the case of hard concrete, a soft bond diamond would perfectly work. The worst thing one would do is to choose the incorrect bond.

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3) Running the Grinder Unnecessarily Fast

One of the most common mistakes an operator usually makes is to run the grinding machine at a very fast speed. It often happens when an operator is expecting to increase the production rate. But due to overheating, the diamond might glaze over and stop cutting properly at all. So it is important to prevent such practices.

4) Not Understanding Downward Pressure

A basic rule says that the greater the downward pressure it is expected to grind that faster. In the case of a smaller machine, more downward pressure is generated with a single rectangle. And it will be the exact opposite with a larger machine.

5) Going for the Lowest Price Diamonds… Simply Because Of the Price

Price should not be the only basis to choose a product. Just because a particular diamond tool is low at cost doesn’t mean it will work perfectly. It might work pretty inconsistently. It is important to buy the product after having a good idea of it and buying it from a trusted owner.

6) Not Inspecting Your Floor before Starting

When a contractor is using a metal bond diamond, he expects that it will be able to grind and polish almost everything until it’s not above the grade. It is important to inspect the floor properly and make sure that there is nothing present that is above the grade.

7) Not Understanding the Process Needed For the Desired Outcome

One has to be very specific about the outcome one need and the specific process you need to achieve that outcome. One has to understand the finish he wants, whether it should be cream polish or a pepper finish. Also, if there is anything on the floor that has to be removed in advance before starting the process.

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