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5 Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Grade Food Processing Floors

Commercial flooring contractors have to think about a lot of aspects before choosing the right flooring option for a specific place with specific needs. It the place is sort of a manufacturing facility which is into the business of processing items of food and drinks or if it’s a simple kitchen or bakery, all of these facilities would need a pretty durable flooring, it has to be chemical resistant, it should also have a good slip-proof rating and most importantly it should be very easy to clean. The operation is performed at food processing units are most of the time pretty intense and a lot of hustle goes around throughout the day. So the flooring has to be ready to face such intense traffic and should be tough enough to face accidental impacts that usually happen once in a while. There is a very renowned option when resinous flooring is concerned, it is known as commercial-grade polyurethane screeds. They are known for their tough nature and can easily face the everyday major rush that happens around a manufacturing food processing unit.

If you were looking for a surface that happens to have qualities like high-friction and a high resistance surface, this is exactly what you are looking for. If it’s a food unit or a kitchen, generally attractive colors are preferred and polyurethane screeds would give you multiple options of attractive color flooring. The fact that it is also very cost-effective makes it a wonderful option in the market. As we discussed the durability of the flooring is one of the major concerns at the head of every owner. Luckily screeds have a great record in terms of durability, the average life spans of polyurethane screeds are estimated to be almost 7 years to 12 years. This is comparatively very good when you see data of the other alternates in the market. There is also a chance of extending the life expectance of your floors by providing them with regular checks, giving them the spot repairs, and any other repair issue is dealt with without any delay. These actions will be more than enough to keep your floor intact and in perfect shape for a much longer period. In recent years the demand for this kind of flooring has surged significantly. It is also very much into the commercial flooring contractor to fit these in-demand flooring perfectly, so they give the expected results. We at Sealwell Inc. have years of experience in dealing with such flooring projects. Our team of experienced professionals is all set to help you in getting these floors perfectly fitted. It will be onto us to give you the right suggestions about the same.

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What Is Industrial-Grade Screed Flooring Made Of And How Does It Work?

Since the time these polyurethane screeds were introduced, they have taken over the market very quickly. You will mostly spot a majority of these food processing floors being made of by applying this polyurethane screeds applied over the concrete. With a mixture of quick set resin, hard wearing, and with the inclusion of some color pigments, the polyurethane resin is formed. The addition of color pigments is purely to give them added aesthetics. A very strong single seamless layer is formed by the resin which is free of cracks and ridges. The shielding which is provided is mainly to safeguard the concrete beneath it. it remains safe from any kind of damage which includes safety from chemicals, uneven temperature, or relentless pressure. It is also required to give it a high friction finish. This is to make sure that the slip level parameter remains anywhere between R-9 to R-13 as per the safety guidelines. This will prevent any sudden accidents or trips and falls.

Better Hygiene through Healthy, Safe Screed Floors

A very popular question that revolves around asks what importance do these resinous flooring plays when being placed in food processing units. The answer to it is mainly because it provides the required hygiene standard. It is often seen that in a place like a kitchen or food processing unit, a lot of small particles flew in form of dust and settle down on the floors. These start getting trapped at any corner and become a haven for most of the bacteria and pests.  This situation is not idle for a food unit in any way. First of all, it can damage the well being of staff working there permanently. It can cause many health issues and it can end contaminating the processed food too, and the same food that will end up at somebody’s table soon. The seamless floors, on the other hand, are pretty easy to wipe multiple times a day so it naturally lowers particles setting down in a corner and in turn, no health hazard remains a legit topic for discussion. The polyurethane screed also creates a strong layer that covers the existing faults or cracks on your base floor. Moreover, these floors contain a microbial agent, which creates an environment of super easy cleaning.

We at Sealwell Inc. have a team of one of the most experienced commercial flooring contractors who are more than willing to help you with this cause. We have great experience in dealing with polyurethane screeds and we will waste no time in understanding your requirements and getting things done exactly up to your expectation. Our positive customer reviews over the years tell the commitment our team has been holding high and we do wish to take our great work a step further every time we are working on a new project.

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