Refinishing Options for Older Concrete Floor

If a thought of renovation has just crossed your mind and you plan to work out on all the places of your building or house which needs to be done, there remains a huge chance that all the area with the concrete flooring or polished concrete floor needs to repaired and renovated too. There can be a variety of issues with the concrete floor. People might tend to change it just because it now contains a lot of stains and that look pretty dirty. The idea could also arise because the concrete floor has cracked in many places. The damaged flooring doesn’t look idle and needs repair. There could also be a case when one has a feeling that the flooring doesn’t suit your latest home makeover and you want it to compliment the entire house.  

If someone has this thought back of his mind to cover the concrete floor with a colorful carpet or there are many expensive hardwoods available in the market too, so one can opt for any of it. But once it comes to the parameter of what will be cost-effective and more decent looking. Refinishing the concrete floor dominates in both parameters. It will be fall cost-effective because if you ought to try something new for the flooring it will require a whole process of demolition and preparation. Refinishing the concrete will be about reconstructing the defective places.

Concrete Floor Refinishing

Further, let’s discuss several methods to beautify the existing concrete floor.

Filling joints and cracks

Before starting any process of refinishing and renovating, the most basic step to follow includes repairing any existing damage that you find on the floor. There might be several existing pits, cracks, and other damaged areas which are in dire need of repair. These all areas need to be quickly filled to prevent any further damage to them. All the joints need a close assessment as well and if found faltered, they all need to be filled with a flexible filler. It should be noted that these crucial steps will help to extend the durability of the floor and keep them last for years to come. It is important to be noted if you give a polish to the concrete; the marks will appear when things finalize. But to give it the right finishing you will have to take the help of a professional, which will help to blend perfectly with the color of the rest of the floor. 


When someone decides to refurbish their floors, a very common willingness is to change the flooring color. So this process consists of multiple steps and a very acute precession is required to complete the process. First and foremost is to get the floor thoroughly cleaned and look out for areas to be cleaned. This will prevent any kind of splotches that might occur and thus you will end up getting a smooth film on the floor. An acrylic acid solution should be applied on the surface as well. The pattern could also be made on the floors which look very appealing. Skilled labor is required if someone wishes to have a pattern. The stained floor can be used as it is and will look beautiful or else a coating of urethane or polish for giving a shine to the surface.


Polishing brings a beautiful and everlasting shine to the surface of your floor. The polished concrete floor does look impressive and is very much in trend among high-end offices in urban regions. Repaired floors with the beautiful pattern are one thing but polishing it gives it a new life. There are primarily two methods that are used for concrete polishing. One is wet polish and the other one is dry. Both the process involves multiple steps which take a bit time and commitment to attain perfection. The molecules of the concrete expand when the polish is applied, which makes it much harder and thus stronger.  The best part of all this comes with the fact that even though it looks glassy and seems slippery, it has no less friction in comparison to regular floors and is not slippery at all.


A great way to give extra strength to the floor is to apply a layer of urethane. It can be applied on various stages, may be directed at the untreated concrete or when over the polished concrete, or even if there is any other type of coating. This layer gives it an undefeated strength. Never think that the patterns on the floor or its shine or pattern will get affected by the urethane layer. It is absolutely fine to use it and see the wonderful results.

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Epoxy and other specialty coatings

Epoxy flooring

The epoxy coating will add another level of protection to an already very beautiful secured floor. Many times the floor might face a chemical attack or persistent moisture. Presence of moisture is pretty common at homes and chemical usage and spill is a common affair in an industrial setting. So epoxy has turned out to be one of the best alternatives if you want to save the flooring from moisture or chemical. There is also a good chance of oil or greasy stuff falling and damaging the floor and guess what epoxy again turns out to be the best defender. Epoxy has recently turned out to be one of the most used products in modern-day furnishing. It was earlier used in backyard rooms and but now has entered into main living places because it is not only very safe and keeps moisture and unwanted stuff long away from affecting but also that it is cost-effective and comes different colors and pattern. You could get a very trend flooring with the help of epoxy. Commercial flooring contractors are well trained to apply the epoxy because need the right set of skills to apply it with perfection. We at seal well inc have well-trained professionals who are trained to apply the epoxy with utter perfection. You will not have to worry about anything. The right mixture and measurement are important to make a correct solution for epoxy. Our professionals have worked on it for the year so you will not have to worry about its right solution and fixation. It’s all upon us and we will give you the desired results.

Need an expert opinion?

We at Sealwell Inc have a dedicated customer grievance team that helps you solve all your queries. We are destined as a team to make sure you never find it difficult if you need help with concrete floor refinishing.  All your questions are answered after an in-depth analysis of what would be the right choice for the place you are talking about. If requested we will send our representative to your place to look after your property and after keeping all the points in check and all your request in place we will advise you what is best for you. When things are finalized we will ensure all the process is done with perfection.  

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