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4 Things Most Flooring Contractors Won’t Tell You about Floor Coatings

Several researches have been conducted to explain about the importance of providing a complete set of knowledge to a customer about a product. There are varied pattern of behavior being recorded when a customer is given half or irrelevant information about the product and most importantly the outcomes to it are never positive.

When someone spends money on something, one definitely deserves to know every bit of information and that is what we work and demand for. We make sure to pass everything about floor coating to the customer and taking this thing a bit further, we thought of outlining 4 possible facts that a flooring contractor will try to skip while briefing you about the floor coating.

Nothing is perfect, not even your floor coating 

There is a possibility of your floor contractor exclaiming about perfect floor coating and boasting with no proper facts and explanation to back up his promise. Such activities have been a part of this industry for quite a long time now. And though we are part of this industry for more than 40 years and try to maintain the quality, follow every process with perfection, we make sure to use the best quality equipments and never forget to take follow ups after the completion of every procedure and still we never end up making promises of perfect floors. Don’t fall for these traps because there is nothing like a perfect thing in this world because everything has a chance of improvement.

Certification matter

Though it’s not a compulsion to be certified with ICRI (it is known as international concrete repair institute, an institution which is committed to enhance the life of concrete through different process including quality repair and restoration). But having a certification do makes a difference. It gives Sealwell Inc. a direct access to other industry professionals, which could probably be used as a resource to help us enhance our quality and commitment. Anyone working without a certification is on its own and keeps using the traditional process which are being used since ages, but having access to ICRI keeps you a step ahead and in terms of technology and updated process for doing the work the right way.

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To access if we are fit for the project

A common mentality prevails around the market is to take up every project, which comes your way regardless of accessing the fact that if the project is within your commitment reach or beyond. Organization, which ends up taking projects, which is beyond their reach to deliver, ends up losing in all spheres. We at Sealwell inc. make sure to access if we are the right fit for the project before putting up our commitment. It is a win win situation for both the customer and for us. If we are able to rightfully deliver our commitment, the customer gets the desired satisfaction and we get the deserved credit.

In order to find the right fit of work, we also conduct several consultations and meeting to understand the project and customer expectations, after taking everything into consideration we conclude and decide that if it’s the right to commit the project.  

Industrial floor don’t last forever

Though these industrial floors are robust in nature and you can expect them to last for quite a long time, but that doesn’t mean they will last forever. You won’t find a single floor around the world, which is truly indestructible. Everything has got it flaws and again nothing is really perfect. A proper floor can be expected to last for about 10 to 15 years and a proper set of maintenance might end up giving it some extra life.

For a reliable flooring service in Florida, contact us at 844-443-2844 or mail us at kevin@sealwellinc.com. We are a team of floor installation experts. Sealwell Inc. offers different floor installation like epoxy flooring, stained concrete flooring, polished flooring, seamless flooring, and resinous flooring.

Original Source: https://bit.ly/3gR9n3o

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