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5 Myths About Epoxy Garage Floor Coats

The use of epoxy garage floor coatings is becoming more popular as homeowners in Florida continue to look for ways to protect their garages from water damage. Most people think epoxy paint will be more costly than other floor coatings, but the reality is the coatings are actually cheaper. Epoxy coatings can be applied over any type of garage floor material, including concrete and asphalt. In addition to cost, many people are also concerned about the safety of epoxy garage coatings. Many homeowners are convinced that using an epoxy coating will make their garages even harder to maintain. As a result, they are inclined to seek out flooring services in Florida that provide comprehensive coatings at competitive prices.

As previously mentioned, there are several myths about epoxy garage floor coatings. One myth is that the paints are more difficult to apply than other floor paints. Another myth is that they are somehow less durable or long lasting. This is a common misconception. The fact is that when properly applied, epoxy coatings are just as durable and long lasting as most other types of flooring.

One reason why many people are misinformed is because they have seen the word “epoxy” used so much in relation to a floor coating. A better description would have been “an aggregate coating”, and not “a coating”. Applying an aggregate coating is different than applying an epoxy garage floor coating. It is also different from applying other types of coatings. Epoxy coatings are a special product designed to provide a surface that is stronger and more resistant to staining, fading, and physical damage.

There are two basic types of garage floor coating systems available, with one type being an epoxy and the other an elastomeric coating. If you decide to use an epoxy coating, then it is important that you understand how the process works. Most garage floor coating systems will provide some sort of instructions on how to properly apply the coating. This is very important, as improper application can result in a poorer appearance, an uneven finish, and even damage to the garage’s floor.

A garage floor coating system that uses an elastomeric coating will be more consistent in application, but will not provide as much protection as an epoxy. Both systems are relatively inexpensive, but the epoxy will give your garage a much more professional look and feel. The elastomeric coating is more affordable, but not as durable as the epoxy. Most people who choose this type of coating system will do so because they know that they want to invest in a durable and good looking garage floor.

No matter which coating system you choose for your garage floor, it is important to keep in mind that they provide more protection than the epoxy. There are other types of flooring that you may want to consider for your garage, such as interlocking tiles or concrete pavers. Tiles have been quite popular recently, but they can be quite expensive and hard to maintain. However, if your garage is in fair condition, epoxy and elastomeric coatings should work just fine for your needs.

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