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Advantages of Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

The latest innovation in the area of flooring, commercial polished concrete floors is a long-term project to bring new and unique flooring to large commercial and office buildings. This flooring system is a combination of concrete floors and vinyl floors. With the added benefit of a beautiful polished concrete surface. This revolutionary product offers high-end polished concrete surfaces and floor finishes that are striking and durable. Commercial polished concrete floors can be used for walkways, entrance ways, ramps, and other commercial purposes. Here are some of the main benefits you stand to enjoy with this new type of flooring:

Polished Concrete Floors

No More Stains 

One of the major drawbacks with old fashioned concrete floors is that they are prone to stains. Spills and stains can ruin your brand new floor in no time. When you install a new commercial polished concrete floors instead of old warehouse slip and fall floors. You no longer have to deal with these potential roadblocks to your business. The polished surface of these floors is also non-slip, which means that there is no risk of a slip or fall accidents. Just another great advantage for your company!

Easy Maintenance 

Unlike other types of flooring systems, commercial polished concrete surfaces require very little maintenance. Once sealed and finished, you can expect only minimal routine maintenance. Epoxy coatings are also commonly applied to floors to provide additional protection and longevity. These coatings are easy to maintain and will not damage the surface over time. A sealant is also typically applied to prevent any future staining.


If you think the price of a polished concrete is high, just wait until you compare it to the cost of clearing a concrete slab. The cost of clearing a slab can easily reach thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the area to be cleared. Plus, this process requires heavy equipment and several people. In comparison, polished concrete is cost-effective. They can be applied yourself, eliminating the need for heavy equipment, and they are much easier to apply. Also, you will not need to hire a professional mop or dust mop, saving you money.


When you use commercial polished concrete floors instead of conventional flooring systems. You are taking a number of steps to reduce your carbon footprint. By avoiding concrete, you will be cutting down the amount of fossil fuels needed to manufacture concrete. Thus helping the environment to recover. Moreover, you will be preventing the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere when you use traditional flooring systems. You will be replacing your current flooring system with this type of flooring, which can reduce the dust mop loads by as much as 90%. This is especially good news for those who live in hot, humid climates.

Commercial polished concrete floors are made to look just like a regular floor surface. These floors are easy to clean, have a matte finish that looks similar to natural stone floors, and they are ideal for business offices, retail outlets, and industrial facilities. They are resistant to damage and can withstand high traffic. These floors are durable and very attractive. They can save you money on maintenance and upkeep and will make your workplace look attractive and organized.

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Resource Article: Advantages of Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

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