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Polished Concrete Floors – An Effective, Cost-Efficient in Florida, and Georgia

The Cost-Effective Flooring Trend That’s Having a Moment

There are many different methods available when it comes to sealing your Polished Concrete. Most people think of sealants such as Epoxy and PlastiKote as being the only way. In fact this is not true as there are now many products on the market which have been designed specifically to provide a deep and glossy finish with the added benefits of a protective coating. The purpose of these products is to prevent staining from occurring in the first place and to provide a good looking and very durable finish that will last years.


Polished concrete flooring is a material used in the flooring of commercial businesses. This is because it is extremely tough, highly wear-resistant, waterproof, attractive in terms of color. And easy to clean with a simple mop and bucket. The term “polished” is actually used to describe the fact that the surface is made smooth. By the application of a very fine coating of either acrylic or urethane cement. Which is then vigorously buffed with water, spirits, or by pressure washer. The products used in this process are highly resistant to staining and can stand up to high traffic whilst remaining virtually dust-free. 

3 Types of Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is becoming very popular in the commercial industrial palace as its cost-effective, long-lasting finish provides the perfect solution for any industrial floor. Unlike other types of flooring, polished concrete floors provide a virtually dust-free and slip-resistant surface with a high gloss finish. These floors are also very durable, resisting cracking and buckling against both downward and upward pressure exerted by furniture, employee, and equipment.


Polished concrete floors require little maintenance. It is a fairly slow and easy process that does not necessitate the employment of mechanical cleaners, polishes, or abrasive materials. These floors can be left bare for prolonged periods of time, but must be cleaned occasionally using a mild alkaline cleaning product for alkaline compatibility. Polished floors should be sealed periodically to maintain a protective, slip-resistant surface. Sealing will also protect the colour of the flooring from fading, dirt and water damage.

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Polished concrete floors are relatively inexpensive when compared with alternative flooring materials. In addition, they tend to reflect more light than their limestone countertops, tiles, stone and wood counterparts and therefore have the ability to increase the perceived height of a building. A reflective flooring product can help reduce energy costs and reflect light for a cooler, brighter working environment. Additionally, the reflective quality of polished concrete can help improve visual reception and increase sales, through reduced noise.

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Easy To Clean

Polished concrete floors can be cleaned simply by using a soft, pH balanced cleaner, and a mild alkaline cleaner. It is highly recommended that cleaners are pH balanced to avoid damaging the finish and reducing its durability. Using a floor buffer or scrub brush, gently cleanse and then rinse the flooring to remove any alkaline contaminates that have been embedded into the flooring. After the floor is thoroughly cleaned, a final buffing session may be required to provide the floor with a shiny, glossy appearance, which can be done with a polisher and a low-moisture, low-fat dry foam finishing compound.

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Resource Article: Polished Concrete Floors – An Effective, Cost-Efficient in Florida, and Georgia

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