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Top 3 Types of Concrete Floor and Floor Treatments

Every one of the concrete is super durable, strong long-lasting, easy to clean material. In most commercial or residential buildings, a concrete floor or slab is part of the structure. Naturally concrete is a grayish color that is slightly mottled. With the same shade determined by the chemical composition of the mix,  the natural factors current, and the motion at which it sets.

Here are lots of solutions that can be utilized to increase the appearance of concrete. Including stained concrete floors, painted concrete floors, and polished concrete floors. They provide additional protection for the concrete like an easy to clean layer and protecting against water leaking. Let’s see the type of concrete floors.

Acid-Stained Concrete Floors

Acid-Stained Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is the best material for commercial kitchens since you can make it impenetrable to water and most staining specialists. Which implies it is anything but difficult to keep up. Additionally, the utilization of specific stains can give the floor a mottled appearance. Which assists with hiding dust. For this example, the concrete commercial kitchen floor has been stained with a mottled earthy colored treatment. 

There are a few different ways concrete can be colored.  However one of the most pleasant viewing techniques is to stain it utilizing an acid product. In acid-staining, hydrochloric or phosphoric acid blended in with salts is applied to a hardened, cured concrete slab. The acid opens the pores in the concrete while the salts cause a chemical response, which prompts staining on the floor’s surface. 

The outcomes shift dependent on the porosity of the concrete, the materials utilized in its blend. And they depend on the age of slub. In this manner, you’ll end up with an amazing and interesting floor that nearly has a three-dimensional look because of the variety of colours. All things considered because you can’t be very certain how your floor will respond to acid-staining. It’s ideal to pick a little, out-of-the-way segment of the floor as a test zone prior to treating the whole surface.
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Stained and Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete is a typical design component in numerous modern loft-style commercial floors. This one uses a  polished and stained concrete floor, which contrasts with an incomplete concrete surface. It’s an exchange of commercial, industrial, and stylish elements. That creates dynamic pressure and makes space outwardly engaging in an interesting manner.

To make polished concrete floors, the floor is ground down with logically better rough pads. You can accomplish an amazingly shiny, mirror-like finish in the event that you go to the best coarseness of pads. Or then again you can stop anytime during the process once the level of polish is appropriate for you. The floor is then fixed to give it a protective sheen. 
For this work, you can hire a professional floor contractor because it is not easy to determine which grit of abrasive pads to use. They have experience and they know how to install a polished concrete floor.

Painted Concrete Floors

Painted Concrete Floors

Epoxy coating is frequently used to seal and fix a damaged concrete subfloor. Epoxy is a durable and strong material that can be filled, cracks to help level the surface. In any case, epoxy additionally is accessible in a wide range of colours, epoxy also allows you to make a unique colour and styles on your floor. Indeed, epoxy-painted concrete floors make it doable to accomplish all the effects you can make with ordinary paint. Epoxy paint is durable, long-lasting compared to traditional paint. This is a big reason epoxy floor coating is popular in commercial flooring.

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