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4 Real Facts About Urethane Cement That Make It Great for Industrial Flooring

Sometimes organisations attempt to sell you on their brand product, or service by telling you concerning the entirety of the benefits it provides. That’s good, but sometimes it’s good to know the real facts about a product.

In the event that something is apparently solid or enduring, you need to know what it is about the product that makes it so. Else, you may be distrustful of the validity of such cases. 

In this post, we are explaining precisely what it is about urethane cement that gives the entirety of the advantages you’ve heard about. Let’s check it.

urethane cement floor

Fact 1: It’s a combination of urethane and cement. 

Advantage: Durability

The blend of polymer urethane with cement and total cement makes a combination known as urethane cement. All alone, urethane floor and cement are long-lasting and durable, yet combined together, they make one of the most strong flooring materials available on the market. 

Fact 2: Urethane serves as a coating for cement flooring.

Advantage: Chemicals, and thermal shock, and resistance to moisture

A floor coating that isn’t vapored transmission or resistant to moisture, will hold up in a few environments. Most of the flooring coating installation projects take place in commercial places where the vapor and moisture transmission are normal, yet a floor that is resistant to chemicals and thermal shock is what’s truly important.

At the point when a urethane cement covering is applied to your floor, the flooring gets resistant to probably the harshest conditions, in the industries we serve. 

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Fact 3: Urethane can be applied straightforwardly to concrete. 

Advantage: Easy installation

When we install a urethane cement floor we don’t really need to tear up the original concrete. Urethane cement is special in that it very well may be applied straightforwardly to concrete as a stand-alone system without a primer or topcoat. 

At the point when you’re applying urethane to concrete, there are various ways to do it, including roller application or scoop application up to 1/4″ thicknesses. 

Fact 4: Urethane cement has a smooth surface. 

Advantage: Easy cleaning 

It doesn’t take a scientific genius to understand that smooth surfaces are simpler to clean than rough ones, yet important. Self-Levelling (SL) applications are accessible in many producers of urethane cement, and this considers smooth floor applications without additional grinding or the utilisation of extra topcoats. All things considered, time is money, and smooth floors decline the measure of time and labour needed to clean them, not to mention, they’re substantially more sanitary.

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