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Protect Your Warehouse Floor with Concrete Coatings

Warehouse floors need a specialized floor coating that is capable of bear with the heavy traffic from forklifts, dirt, foot traffic, wheeled, and infrequent cleaning. Sealwell INC. Offer a wide variety of our warehouse floor coating including concrete polished flooring to epoxy coatings and polyurethane floors.

Warehouse Flooring | Sealwell inc

The most crucial element of warehouse building is the caliber of the floor. As stacking heights have improved, flooring quality became more crucial. Normally, the leveling and massaging of the slab included extensive handwork which could be poorly implemented by an unskilled crew. We’ve seen warehouse floors having an 8 inches thick slab in certain areas with a 3 inches thickness in others. Additionally, if preliminary land testing and proper compaction of the ground weren’t correctly completed, a good warehouse flooring may disintegrate, since the ground beneath it can settle. Since the ground beneath it is the greatest support, it is essential that the soil under the floor is secure and well compacted until the concrete is poured. 

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This may require the ground to be treated to ensure stability. The conclusion of test borings of the ground beneath the warehouse is completely essential as the first step in making a solid flooring. A laser screed is a machine that serves as a giant trowel to get rid of the tedious and difficult task of completing the surface of the floor. Tensile reinforced flooring systems unite steel reinforcement using an engineered polymer resin system, to get a superior wearing surface. Quality of structure is influenced by a number of variables, including climate conditions, the formulation of the concrete mixture, and the ability of the contractor. 

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Even when the structure is ideal, the concrete slab will shrink as kept humidity disappears. This may widen the joints of the slabs, increasing the possibility of deterioration of the entire floor. Operator abuse – Sadly, the majority of warehouse floors get needless abuse. The most typical example is a failure to fix the small defects until they turn into big ones. When warehouse professionals several reasons why they failed to fix floors, we receive the following responses: 92 percent No time for repairs – 89 percent Inadequate maintenance manpower – 84 percent Not corporate priority – 78 percent No money in the budget – 61 percent Lack of training knowledge – 53 percent Cannot tolerate the dust, water and noise involved in repairs – Another major cause of floor failure is the practice of freight training. 

Protective coatings for warehouse concrete floors are either epoxy, polyurethane, or MMA resins. The unique chemistry of these protective coatings makes them suitable for different industries. Sealwell INC. is a leading commercial floor coating manufacturer in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Atlanta, Florida, US. We offer a wide range of floor coating systems to suit each type of industrial or commercial flooring needs: chemical resistant flooring, Kennel Floors, commercial kitchens & restaurant flooring, Warehouse flooring, airplane hangar floor, and more.  For more information visit Sealwell inc website or call us at our toll-free number 844-443-2844 and get a free quote.

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