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All About Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating in Atlanta

There is a plentifulness of commercial facilities located in Atlanta, GA. Keeping those facilities commercial floors in good condition is critical to business operations. Downtimes for repair or replacement are too costly for the business. Floor damages are not good to sign for business damage floor making a poor work environment for employees.

Until recently a high-performance industrial epoxy flooring project took four days to finish. At the speed, the labor and material price made it prohibitive to generate a profit on a 500-750 sq foot floor. That has changed with innovative technology coatings which became available during the last several years. You will find varying quality coatings currently available from thin do-it-yourself floor paints to top-quality epoxies and polyureas. For several years epoxy has been the only product available. A top quality system was applied in many layers at the speed of one coat per day. The first coat has been a primer followed by 2 coats with sand broadcast into every layer, then completed with an industrial-strength urethane. 

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Then along came polyaspartic polyurea coatings. Polyaspartics were initially developed for coat steel to prevent corrosion. Their high-performance attributes led to use for other programs. It was discovered that polyaspartics performed tremendously well on concrete and had a rapid curing process. In fact, numerous layers may be applied in one day instead of the typical four-day program with industrial epoxy flooring. The rivalry to epoxies from all these new technologies rapid curing polyureas resulted in progress with a fast cure. The rapid cure procedure opened up the biggest possible markets in home enhancement. Now a commercial place owner may have their concrete floor surfaced by a pro who has made a business remodeling the garage.
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It’s profitable for a contractor to resurface a floor in 1 or 2 days, but not four. Now a commercial place owner may get the same large performance concrete floor coat that’s applied on a large industrial floor. The reason being is which professionals with a local internet strategy can reach the Marketplace of a property owner who’s searching online. The net has enabled the industrial flooring professional access to a volume of business. A combination of high performance accelerated curing floor coatings along with an internet strategy gives an entrepreneur with a business model that’s profitable. Property owners benefit with excellence at a reasonable price. 

This market is flourishing during an economic downturn. The recession actually can be a blessing to the growth of the floor remodeling market. Industrial epoxy flooring or polyurea coat blocks humidity making the industrial floor and provides a surface that’s bright and clean. Once a place owner has a functional and clean floor they can use valuable interior space for storage.

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