Concrete Resurfacing Solutions for Industrial Facilities:

Industrial facilities always have a concrete floor, as it’s hard, study as well as long-lasting. However, like everything else, it also ages with time. Although it’s the material of choice for almost all industries in time, the floor ages, and you start seeing signs of wear and tear. These signs may include cracks, weeds sprouting from cracks as well as algae and fungi. So, in time your once beautiful floor becomes an eyesore.

polished concrete floor

It’s not uncommon to see aging concrete in industrial facilities; however, many facilities don’t want to change the flooring as its pretty expensive and time-consuming work. Fortunately, industrial flooring contractors have some great news; concrete resurfacing is the magical way out of this mess.

How Does Polished Concrete Floor Work?

Traditional ways of breaking up the old concrete surface as well as getting rid of all the material are experience as well as time and effort consuming. With the help of concrete resurfacing or polished concrete floor, you can use your old concrete flooring as a base and get industrial floor coating on top of it. This process saves you extra labor, time, and money.

Preparing Your Concrete Surface For Industrial Floor Coating:

The most essential step is to prep your old concrete surface. Make sure it’s clean with no loose concrete and is also free from any other kind of debris.  You can also get a professional to power wash the whole area to get rid of any loose cement or debris. However, don’t use any soap of bleaching agent to clean the surface as it can adversely affect the resurfacing. Once industrial flooring contractors pour in the industrial floor coating, you will have a gleaming, good as new floor to show off. The glass finish will keep your floors gleaming for decades, and a non-slippery coat will prevent accidents. If you are confused about the industrial floor coating, you should know that it’s a cement-based overlay blended with special bonding agents. This blend is used to repair the old cement floor and make it long-lasting and durable. The coating is strong enough to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Benefits of Polished Concrete Floor:

One of the major benefits of polished concrete floor is that it saves you money; apart from that, there are multiple benefits of opting for polished concrete flooring. As this industrial floor coating is resilient to wear and tear, you can get decades of use out of one single coat. Also, it is immune to oil and grease stains, as no stain can penetrate the surface. You can easily mop it clean without any hassle.


All in all, resurfacing dented and scratched concrete flooring is an impressive yet simple way of ensuing long-term safety and sanitation. Polished concrete flooring not only works to fix damaged floors, but it also stops further deterioration of old flooring. No matter what kind of surface or flooring you have in your industrial facility, industrial floor coating can be a very successful option for you if you are looking to revamp your flooring.

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