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Durable and Cost-Effective Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta

With regards to durable and smooth Garage flooring alternatives, no one does it better than the Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts. We’re extremely trained in installing plaster coatings on both the industrial concrete floors. 

Garage floors undergo a great deal of usage and abuse. Not only do you have to cope with vehicular and foot traffic, but additionally, it deals with stored items, woodworks, car repairs, mud, rainwater compounds, and much more. Whilst a concrete garage floor seems perfect, it may acquire horrible harm from heavy and constant usage. Some individuals in Atlanta believe that the only way to make it durable is using floor materials. Not really.

Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts offers Epoxy Flooring.  A coating that restores concrete garage floors, which makes it is more durable, easier to clean and maintain, and undoubtedly more attractive as it’s ever been before. 

Epoxy Floor Coating

Although often used on garage floors, it can also be used on basement floors, interior floors, and indoor Commercial Flooring. It is quite sensitive to UV rays so it is highly recommended to only use it indoors. It is important to understand that this is different from epoxy paint, which is only painted with a bit of epoxy for extra durability and adherence. Epoxy floor coating, on the other hand, is pure epoxy.

Epoxy is a two-part material consisting chiefly of polyamine hardener and epoxy resin. This coating is used on top of a concrete floor to give it a much smooth and more durable surface. Although frequently used on garage floors, it may also be used on Basement Floors, interior floors, and indoor commercial flooring.  It’s fairly very sensitive to Ultraviolet rays so it’s highly advised to just use it indoors. 
It’s important to see that this is different from paint, which is only paint with a bit of epoxy for extra durability and adhesion. Epoxy floor coating, and on the other hand, it is pure epoxy.

Noteworthy Characteristics of Epoxy Coating

· Easy Installation – Epoxy coating is quite easy to install. It’s a faster solution than replacing the entire concrete door. Even though easy to set up, mixing the two parts together could be quite tricky. An expert installer will be capable to combine it properly and put in it economically. 

· Incredibly Durable – flooring epoxy, when given sufficient time to heal, hardens into a quite difficult flooring material. Even though only a thin coating is set up on the surface of a concrete floor, it’s enough to provide a tough surface that can’t be easily penetrated, scratched, or dented. 

· Damage- Resistant- It’s resistant to elements, like effect, chemicals, humidity, abrasion, and more. 

· Appealing – Appeal is frequently compromised on garage floors. It’s frequently subjected to compounds, oil, grease, and Several other stuff which make a flooring look cluttered. Epoxy places beauty into a garage flooring, due to the variety of colors it’s available in. If you would like something more decorative paint chips could be broadcasted onto the epoxy coating. 

· Slip Resistant – Resistant Epoxy can be seamless and smooth, but it’s slip-resistant. You are able to improve traction further by adding additives to the last coating. 

· Economical – Replacing the entire concrete slab or adding expensive flooring materials on top of it will damage your finances. With regards to affordability, epoxy coating is the best option. It restores the old concrete flooring, improving its look and functions at the same time.

· Easy to Clean & Maintain – Most types of flooring materials arrive with specific care and maintenance guidelines. Not epoxy floor coating. All you will need is a broom to sweep off dirt and a mop to clean up spills. 

· Eco-friendly – Since it restores old concrete, it lowers the need for cement production, consequently, lowering carbon footprint. 

Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

Epoxy coating is simple to set up, with the assistance of a seasoned and skilled decorative concrete contractor equipped with the appropriate equipment and tools:

Step 1: First and foremost, the present garage flooring inspected and is checked for any damage. If harm exists, but is easily repairable, it’s qualified to get an epoxy installation. In case the harm is skin deep, it may require extensive repairs or concrete replacement. 

 Step 2: The flooring then undergoes surface preparation. This entails repairing any damage. The flooring also has to be free from grease and dirt to prevent the epoxy from bubbling or peeling.

Step 3: Once grinding and all repairs are made, the surface is washed, rinsed, and air-dried.

Step 4: In case the garage flooring has sealer or a coating, it has to be removed through flooring. To start the pores of the concrete flooring and enhance adherence, it has to be etched. This can be done with an acidic solution made up of water and acid.

 Step 5: The Two Parts That Make coating is mixed up and prepared for application. If going for metallic flooring, the pigment is added to the mix prior to installation. The coating is poured on the concrete floor and then spread with a roller brush to ensure even application. 

Step 6: For a terrazzo look, paint chips can be broadcasted on the first layer of epoxy. Paint chips are then swept off or vacuumed. 

Step 7: The top coat is applied as a second coating to get a stronger surface and also to seal paint chips if added. Concrete sealing is optional. Consult a contractor

Epoxy Coating Cost

There’s no fixed total price for a floor installation since the price varies depending on many factors. The Larger the region, the further epoxy necessary to cover the region. Additional enhancements and customization will also incur additional charges.

 Work just with professional floor contractors. Call .443.2844 today! 

Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts is a name you can trust in the world of decorative concrete. We are devoted to Polyurea Polyaspartic coating and epoxy flooring for garage, basement, and interior floor. We support industrial locations in the Atlanta, place. We take pride in our work and our hard-working contractors. It’s our mission to offer superior engineered flooring together with the utmost attention to detail and quality. 

Have questions you need to ask? Call us and we’d be glad to provide the answers you’re seeking for. We provide FREE consultations and quotes.

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